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Here is a Descriptive List of the Top Ten Cycling Accessories

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Helmets Locks Water Bottles & Cages Cyclo Computers Bags & Racks
Pumps Chain Lube & Tools Lights Car Racks Clothing & Shoes

       Helmets have come a long way in the last ten years.  Today's helmets are lighter and have more ventilation than older helmets.  All of the helmets sold at Cycle Path meet the "Snell B90" standards for safety.  Helmets come in a variety of sizes and our staff will make sure you get the correct fit.  A properly fitted helmet will give you much better protection than one that is not the right size. Cycle Path has a large selection of helmets in several colors and styles.


       Cycle Path realizes that people are going to lock their bikes up in different places and at different times.  We sell locks that offer high security and we sell locks that are easy to use having moderate security.  If you tell us where you are locking up your bike and at what time of day, we can make a recommendation on the kind of lock that is the best to use.  Also, Cycle Path sells several security options to prevent the theft of seats and wheels.  No bicycle lock is one hundred percent theft proof, but we can give you an informed decision about your options.


Water Bottles and Cages

        A place to carry some water makes for a more pleasant ride, especially in the summer months.  The cages that hold bottles are available in several colors and styles.  Some of these cages are heavy duty and handle quite a bit of abuse while other cages are sleek looking and are built to save weight.  Bottles come in a several sizes ( 22 oz., 24 oz., and 28 oz. ) and a wide variety of colors.  Also Cycle Path sells hydration systems that are configured like a back pack for hands free drinking.

  Cyclo Computers  

        How far did I go?  How fast was I going?  What was my average speed?  With a cyclo computer you can have all of this information and more.  The basic models have three functions and the more advanced models can have as many as twelve functions. Cycle Path can show you the differences between models and we will even install your choice for free.


Bags and Racks  

        Cycle Path sells bags in sizes small enough to carry a snack and we sell bags large enough to carry enough stuff so that you can ride your bike across the country.  The most popular bag is the seat bag.  These are good to carry tools and a spare tube to change a flat tire. Several of the models of bags we sell are expandable so that if you need to carry more stuff you don't have to get another bag.  Cycle Path also sells racks that fit onto your bike so that you can carry heavier loads such as books or camping gear.


        There are two divisions in the kind of pumps that are sold at Cycle Path.  One kind of pump is the kind that you use at home to fill your tires easily and quickly (the floor pump).  The other pump is designed to be compact and light so that you may take it with you on your ride and used to get you back home (the frame pump).    We sell many variations of each pump to fit your specific need.  Let us help you pick one out.


  Chain Lube and Tools

        Keeping your chain lubed prolongs the life of your bike and keeps annoying squeaks at bay.  Lube comes in many different sizes and many different formulas.  Some are designed to repel water while others are made to repel dirt.  Some are easier than others to apply. Let us tell you what the differences are help you choose what is right for you.
        Cycle path sells tools so that you can fix your bike yourself.  Both the sales staff and service staff can help you understand how to properly use tools, so that you can enjoy working on you bike.  Always feel free to ask us any questions that you may have about self maintenance.



        Even if you are relatively modest, when you ride at night you need to be seen.  Cycle path sells several lighting options from the intensity of a flashlight up to 20 watts of intensity so that you can see every pothole on the road or log across the trail.  Some of our lights use standard batteries while some of the more advanced systems are rechargeable.  Also, we sell several tail light systems that you can be seen from behind.


   Car Racks  

        Taking apart your bike and leaving behind the cooler so that you can transport your bicycle can be a pain. Cycle Path sells solutions from inexpensive bumper mounted racks up to secure roof top racks that can carry skis, kayaks, and more.  The bumper mounted units are easy to install and convenient to use, but check with us first to make sure your car will support the load of a bike mounted this way.  The roof top racks are more expensive but offer more security and options ( p.s. don't forget not to use the drive through with bikes on your roof ).


Clothing and Shoes  

        Cycling  has its own fashion sense.  Clothes are made to be more comfortable and more aerodynamic.  Shorts have seams that lay flat and extra padding for comfort.  Jackets and jerseys are wind friendly and have pockets that are placed out of the way.
        Shoes are made to stand up to the stresses of pedaling so that your feet and knees stay healthy.  Cycling shoes are stiffer than walking shoes so that your foot can transfer power to the pedals more efficiently and without added stress to your joints.  Cycle Path sells shoes that are strictly for riding, shoes that are good for walking and riding, and shoes that can go into the mud when you can't ride any more.


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