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See Athens County Quilt Barns by Bicycle

Ride Three Separate Loops that Tour Fifteen
of the
Quilt Barns of Athens County

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Looking to patchwork to promote Athens County

In an effort to boost awareness of Athens County, Ohio and enhance this region's beauty, a community-based group of visual artists, quilters, property owners and civic and social organizations have decorated county barns with quilt squares.

The group has worked with the Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The barns are decorated with quilt squares painted on 8-foot by 8-foot wooden panels. The goal is to highlight the heritage of Appalachian Ohio.

Similar projects are ongoing in Vinton, Adams and Monroe Counties of Ohio, as well as counties in Tennessee, Kentucky and Iowa.


About the Blocks on the Bike Challenge:

Passion Flower Block

This Quilt Block is based upon the official flower of The City of Athens, Ohio, produced at Passion Works Studio.

Passion Works Studio supports collaborations between artist with and without developmental disabilities. Since 1998 the studio has created one-of-a-kind art pieces and translated artwork into items such as jewelry, ornaments, flowers, and greeting cards.

Visit their Site http://www.passionworks.org/index.php

Also, since 1984 Project Plant has been doing their part to make Athens a visually inviting place. Following Project Plants example the City of Athens has implemented the “City Beautification Program” with two interns in the late 1990's. Later the City adopted a new Lands and Buildings Department with the Division of Landscaping and Beautification with permanent part-time employee's.

In the past 5 years the city of Athens has planted approximately 659 trees, 1,429 flats of flowers, 740 perennials, 1,714 bulbs, and developed 13 new sites, and 57 flower beds.

Also active in the landscaping and beautification of Athens County are Master Gardeners of the Athens County OSU Extension Agency, Athens City Tree Commission, Athens Gardening Club, Thyme & Again Gardening, Athens Herb Guild, Ohio University, Division of Forestry, and The Athens Soil and Water Conservation District.

Artist:  Passion Works Studio Barn Owner:  Jim & Rosanne Krager
Sponsored by: Jim & Rosanne Krager Painted by:  Passion Works Artists
Location:  2510 Sams Rd. Albany, Ohio


"A" Block
Artist:  Hilary Fletcher Barn Owners:  Don & Anne L'Heureux
Sponsor: Athens Area Chamber of Commerce Painted by:  Trimble High School Art Class
Location: 15225 S. Canaan Road


Appalachian Sunburst Block

Ohio’s Appalachian Country is flourishing with rich culture, timeless traditions and genuine hospitality. But the beauty of the area is what strikes people first. Filled with caves and vistas, vast forests and idyllic waterways, it has become a favorite unspoiled retreat, whether you seek camping, inns or full-service hotels. The area's long history of commerce has left it with historical and cultural treasures and the artisans who always have flocked here add a special dimension.

Read more about Appalachian Ohio:



Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owners: Chris & Connie Wolf
Sponsors: Chris & Connie Wolf Painted by:  Athens Rotaract Club
Location: 8560 Elliotsville Road, Athens, Ohio

Athens Ridges Arrows Block

Herman Haerlin, a student of Frederick Law Olmstead (the designer of Central Park), designed what is now The Athens Ridges. The hospital and its grounds were nearly self-sufficient and were known for it's magnificent gardens. The asylum itself was built from bricks which were fired on-site from clay dug on-site.

Artist: Herman Haerlin Barn Owners: Cecil & Margaret Tabler
Sponsors: Make a Difference Day, Ohio Painted by: Athens High School Art
Location: State Rte. 329, Kilvert, Ohio


Athens Ridges Clover and Cross Block

In the late 1990's Ohio University acquired The Ridges and prepared to renovate it into museum, office, and classroom space. By 2001 renovation work was completed on the main building, which today is known as Lin Hall and houses music, geology, and biotechnology offices, as well as the Kennedy Museum of Art. Nearly all of the dozens of hospital buildings have been remodeled and put to use by the University.

For more information about the Kennedy Museum go to:


Artist: Herman Haerlin Barn Owner: James Lochary
Sponsors: Century National Bank Painted by: Athens High School Art
Location: 18660 State Rte. 550, Amesville, Ohio



Brickwork Block

Around the turn of the 20th century, the production of clay bricks boomed in the region of Southeastern Ohio. The brick kilns of Nelsonville on State Route 278 just west of town are some of the last vestiges of the once thriving brick industry of Athens County, Ohio. Brick factories were located in Glouster, Trimble, Nelsonville, Athens, and other towns throughout the county.

In Trimble, a fable claims bricks from their plant were used to pave the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1910. A 1980 article in The Athens Messenger confirmed this, citing a 1952 recorded interview with Roy Andrews, who was the foreman of Trimble Block Company. Andrews claimed to have taken the order for the Indianapolis bricks that were used to pave the track.

For more information about Southeastern Ohio and Industry, go to:


Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owners: Tom & Anne Walker
Sponsors: Make a Difference Day, Ohio Painted by: Dairy Barn Volunteers
Location: 12312 St. Rte. 13, Chauncey, Ohio

Buckeye Block

This block mimics the leaf of the buckeye tree that is opposite, palmately compound with 5 leaflets. Oval to obviate leaflets are 3 to 6 inches long with a serrated margin, rachis about as long as leaflets.

As a result of a political remark made by an opposition newspaper, a log cabin decorated with raccoon skins and a string of buckeyes became the symbol of General William Henry Harrison's presidential campaign. The nickname for Ohio and its inhabitants--Buckeye--became official in 1953 when the legislature named the Ohio Buckeye the state tree.

The buckeye tree derives the name from its large brown seeds, which resemble the eyes of the white-tailed deer. Instantly dubbed "buckeye" in frontier speech, the mysterious nut was used as a general cure-all for generations. Some believe that the buckeye nut relieves rheumatism pain and provides good fortune when carried in the pockets of their garments or worn as an amulet around the neck.

For more information on Ohio's official tree, go to:


Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owner: Lola Mae Lackey
Sponsors: Make a Difference Day, Ohio Painted by: Athens Middle School Fall 2005 Advanced Art
Location: 7373 State Rte. 329, Stewart, Ohio

Cat's Paw Block

Based upon the traditional "Bear Paw" block this Tomcat's Paw Block represents the mascot of The Trimble Local School District.

The Glouster, Trimble, Jacksonville area is located at the junction of the three branches of Sunday Creek, the East Branch beginning in Morgan County near Ringgold, the West Branch coming from Buckingham in the western part of Perry county, and the Center Branch which begins in the southern part of Perry County, north of Rendville.

Glouster is at the center of The Little Cities of Black Diamonds, made up of a series of small towns and rural townships in the rugged hills of southern Perry, northern Athens, eastern Hocking and western Morgan Counties of Ohio who share a common story as it pertains to the significant and sudden growth of population and culture in the region during the period of 1870-1920. The extraction of coal, oil, clay and iron ore brought thousands of people to this remote area resulting in the formation of bustling "Little Cities," whose population formed a rich racial and ethnic mix of immigrant and pioneer Americans in search of work, opportunity and prosperity.

Read more About The Little Cities of Black Diamonds:


Artist:  Hilary Fletcher Barn Owner: Linda Jones
Sponsors: Linda Jones & Riley Auto Sales Painted by: Trimble High School Art
Location: 11844 State Rte. 78, Glouster, Ohio

Corn & Beans Block

There are over 510 farms in Athens County averaging 160 acres. Farmers have an opportunity to capitalize farm production with local markets including The Athens Farmers Market.

Begun in 1972 with only three vendors the market now boasts over 60 vendors selling agricultural, horticultural, or food items that they themselves have grown, produced, or processed.

Located in the University Mall Parking Lot on East State Street, in Athens, Ohio it is open Saturdays year-round 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Wednesdays, April through November 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For more information about The Athens Farmers Market, go to:


Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owners: Debby Fulks & Chuck Larimer
Sponsor: Elsie Doss & Wimp Frost Painted by: Ohio University UC115 Class
Location:  3150 Fisher Road, Albany, Ohio

Dairy Barn Star Block

The Dairy Barn Arts Center’s mission is to promote the arts, crafts and cultural heritage of southeastern Ohio, and to bring to the region the very best of the arts from all over the world. The year-round calendar includes exhibitions, festivals, educational programs and special events.

Built in 1914, the Dairy Barn is listed on the national Register of Historic Places and features a 6500 square-foot gallery. Two of the structure's distinctive architectural elements are its slate roof and three cupolas. It sits on 36 acres of scenic pastoral land.

The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center was founded in 1978 by Athens natives Harriet and Ora Anderson. The building was at one time a working dairy barn, but when the barn ceased operations in the mid-1970s, the state of Ohio scheduled it for demolition. However, Harriet and Ora, who had been long-time supporters of the arts in southeastern Ohio, had another vision for the barn- a community arts center. They petitioned the governor, and the building was saved just nine days before it was due to be torn down.

Since then the Dairy Barn has become a respected arts center, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Two Dairy Barn shows, Quilt National and Bead International, are recognized international exhibits that represent the cutting edge of their mediums. They draw artists and spectators from around the world and the 50 states.

For more information on The Dairy Barn, go to:


Artist:  John W. Lefelhocz Barn Owner: The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center
Sponsor: The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center Painted by: Dairy Barn Staff & Volunteers
Location:  8000 Dairy Lane, Athens, Ohio

Jacob's Ladder Block

Although there is no hard documentation, folklore has it that quilts were used to guide slaves through the Underground Railroad.  These stories have been passed from one generation to the next since the war years.  A Log Cabin quilt hanging in a window or on a clothes line with a black center for the chimney hole was indicative of a safe house.  Underground Railroad quilts of the Jacob's Ladder pattern supposedly gave clues as to the safe path to freedom.  

To read about a senior project that identified some of the Athens County Underground RR sites visit:


Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owners: Mitch & Cathe' Blower
Sponsors: Mitch & Cathe' Blower Painted by: Federal Hocking High School Art
Location:  17002 Mush Run Road


Old Indian Trail Block

Some of the oldest historical sites in Athens County are Native American burial and ceremonial mounds scattered around the county. Most of these are located in The Plains, located just northwest of Athens on U.S. Rt. 33 and Ohio Rt. 682. The Plains was a religious center of the Adena Indians and also served as a burial ground.

One of the more interesting mounds to visit is the one located in the Indian Mound Campground on 7986 Roundhouse Road
near New Marshfield. Many of the mounds have been researched by archeologists, but many artifacts from Athens County's earliest residents remain buried.

Every year during the fall The Indian Mound Festival is held in The Plains, Ohio

For more history of early inhabitants of Athens County, go to:


Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owner: Chris Loveland
Sponsor: Chris Loveland Painted by: Girl Scout Troop #1367
Location:  12905 North Peach Ridge, Athens, Ohio

Quilt National Block

The Quilt National logo block is based on a quilt that was made in 1979 the inaugural year of Quilt National. This block was designed by Porter Smith Thayer.

Quilt National is a biennial international juried exhibition of contemporary innovative quilts shown during odd numbered years at The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio from June to September. At the conclusion of the exhibition at The Dairy Barn, approximately 75 of the quilts begin a two year tour to galleries and museums throughout the country. Nearly all the host venues will have less than 30 of the works on display. Those who see Quilt National at the Dairy Barn are the only ones who see the entire collection.

Quilt National demonstrates the transformations taking place in the world of quilting. Its purpose is to carry the definition of quilting far beyond its traditional parameters and to promote quilt making as what it always has been -- an art form.

The works in a Quilt National exhibit display a reverence for the lessons taught by the makers of the heritage quilts. Many of the works hold fast to the traditional methods of piecing and patching. At the same time, however, the Quilt National artist is intrigued by the challenge of expanding the boundaries of traditional quilt making by utilizing the newest materials and technologies. These innovative works generate strong emotional responses in the viewer while at the same time fulfilling the creative need of the artist to make a totally individual statement.

For more information on Quilt National, go to:


Artist:  Porter Smith Thayer Barn Owner: The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center
Sponsor: Quilt National Painted by:  Dairy Barn Staff & Volunteers
Location:  8000 Dairy Lane, Athens, Ohio

Star Brick Block

The Nelsonville Brick Co. 1880-1937.  Makers of the "king of all bricks" - The Nelsonville Paver- The Hallwood Block - The Hocking Paver - The Star sidewalk brick. 

This company kept the railroads busy carrying their product far and wide.  If you are observant may find these brick in Niagara Falls, N.Y., in Philadelphia PA, in cities in Indiana, on platforms of stations, in Chicago and as you ride over the asphalt roads and streets beneath you in Nelsonville  is the original road bed of Nelsonville.

Rumor has it that Star Bricks can be found as far away as The Kremlin.

Read more about the brick industry in Athens County....

Traditional Star Brick Paving Block Design Barn Owner:Hocking College 
Sponsor:  Hocking College Painted by:  Artisans of Nelsonville Public Square Art District
Location:  Robbins Crossing, Nelsonville, Ohio

State of Ohio Block

There was a period when each state "claimed" a block to represent them. The state blocks became quite popular around the 1930's, but they developed much earlier than that as part of the centennial celebrations. The State of Ohio block features a prominent star in the center surrounded by a pattern that represents the buckeye leaf of the state tree.

Traditional Quilt Design Barn Owners:  Paul & Mae Bircher
Sponsor:  Make a Difference Day, Ohio Painted by:  Glouster Project
Location:  10510 McDougal Road,  Millfield, Ohio


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